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Salesforce Architect & Scrum Master

חברה ציבורית


תיאור התפקיד:

We’re looking for a skilled and experienced Salesforce Expert to join our dynamic team. The role requires good tech lead skills, system analysis experience, and skills in Salesforce CRM as well as other business applications. In this role, you will be responsible for implementing change management processes and automation tools to streamline deployments. Staying updated on Salesforce platform updates, new features, and best practices, and driving continuous improvement initiatives within the team.

As a Salesforce Architect &Tech Lead you will:
Help Setting Standardizations, Guide and mentor a team of Salesforce administrators
Stay updated on Salesforce platform updates, new features, and best practices and drive continuous improvement initiatives within the team.
Identify potential risks and dependencies associated with releases
Track and manage changes to Salesforce configurations, code, and metadata, ensuring compliance with organizational policies and procedures.
Work with agile methodologies as part of an agile team.
Be part of team collaboration.

דרישות התפקיד:

5+ years of experience with Salesforce.
Deep understanding of Salesforce platform capabilities, including declarative configuration, Apex programming, Lightning components, and Salesforce APIs.
Knowledge of CI/CD principles for Salesforce applications to automate build, test, and deployment processes.
Ability to architect scalable and sustainable Salesforce solutions that align with business requirements and best practices.
Excellent analytical and hands-on problem-solving skills
Ability to lead and motivate a team of administrators - providing guidance, mentorship, and support as needed.


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